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Vitamin D3 1000 - 90 Capsules | Moss Nutrition

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Vitamin D is a collection of forms of a pro-hormone fat-soluble nutrient. A crucial element in many reactions and processes in the body, there is a well-reported and well-documented widespread deficiency in Vitamin D. This deficiency may be due to several factors including lack of exposure to direct sunlight and an imbalanced diet that provides poor nutrients. Many are caught in a Catch-22 scenario of having a condition caused by a Vitamin D deficiency that is now blocking the body's strategies for synthesizing more. Any Vitamin D is acquired through food, exposure to sunlight and supplements but these forms are inactive until converted into its bioactive form, 25-hydroxy vitamin D, through an enzymatic process in the liver and kidneys. Almost every cell in the body has receptor sites for this converted form of Vitamin D but there are conditions limiting this conversion. People with fat malabsorption, toxicity syndrome, inflammatory condition (including obesity), or impaired liver/kidney function (often caused by painkillers like NSAIDS to relieve inflammation abetted by a lack of Vitamin D) are unable to convert Vitamin D into its bioactive form.

By assessing the specific imbalance in the body and determining the patient's actual need for D supplementation through a serum blood test, a strategy of diet, lifestyle and D supplements can be implemented. Vitamin D promotes bone mineralization and remodelling by enhancing intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphorus, boosting calcium and phosphorus reabsorption in the kidney, and regulating their levels in serum. In addition to supporting bone health, vitamin D also helps modulate inflammation, insulin sensitivity, and immune function (possibly by working in tandem with insulin and cortisol). Additional vitamin D benefits suggested by clinical research include direct anti-viral activity, improved balance and reduction of falls in the elderly, and inhibition of uncontrolled cell proliferation.

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