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TriFlora - 60 Capsules | BioMedica


*Available at a discounted price due to its short expiry date.

Synergistic probiotic with added glutamine


  • No refrigeration required

  • Selection of specialised strains with excellent survivability in a wide temperature range

  • High-performance packaging materials to ensure minimal moisture permeability

  • Strictly controlled manufacturing conditions from seeding through to packaging to ensure optimal bacterial survival

  • The specific blend of probiotic strains which exhibit superior GI tract survivability and mucosal adherence

  • Blister packs provide both convenience and excellent moisture-barrier protection, ideal for use while travelling

  • Produced to BioMedica’s stringent formulation standards

  • Dairy and D-lactate free

  • A low excipient, vegan formula

  • Strictly Practitioner Only

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