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Thiamin 50mg - 120 Capsules | Seeking Health


Discontinued. Suggested alternative: B Complex Plus.

Thiamin contains a potent 50 mg of vitamin B1 (as thiamine hydrochloride) per vegan-friendly capsule.

Are you seeking energy support? Thiamin (vitamin B1) plays critical roles in ATP production, carbohydrate metabolism, blood glucose regulation, detoxification, brain health, and more.

Thiamin (vitamin B1) is also known as thiamine. It plays vital roles in maintaining the health of your heart, muscles, brain, and many other tissues and systems. Thiamin is required for energy (ATP) production and maintaining healthy blood glucose levels.

Thiamin capsules by Seeking health support healthy:

  • Energy production
  • Brain health & Cognition
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Blood sugar regulation
  • Muscle health & recovery
  • Protein & carbohydrate metabolism

Though a common B vitamin, thiamin deficiency can occur with consistent alcohol consumption. There is an increased need for thiamin with strenuous exercise and when blood sugar is imbalanced.

This brilliant B-vitamin supports healthy detoxification, including the normal breakdown of ammonia, sugar, and lactate in the body. In high amounts, these compounds can contribute to fatigue, muscle soreness, and blood sugar issues.

Seeking Health Thiamin capsules are the perfect addition to your detoxification and brain support regime. Pick up a bottle today and experience the difference of pure Thiamin by Seeking Health.

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