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Zinc Carnosine - 60 Capsules


Zinc Carnosine provides 72 mg of zinc l-carnosine containing 16mg of elemental zinc. Zinc Carnosine is an antioxidant supplement and supports a healthy inflammatory response.

Modern living is hard on the intestinal lining. The consumption of acidic, sugary, and inflammatory foods and drinks can be hard for our body to process. With constant exposure to harsh chemicals, food compounds, and microbes, the mucosal lining that protects our stomach and intestines can become damaged. When this happens, you may experience digestive tract and intestinal issues.

Zinc and carnosine are beneficial to the gastrointestinal tract both separately as well as synergistically. Zinc l-carnosine is made up of the trace element zinc bonded to l-carnosine.

Zinc-L-Carnosine helps support:

  • The stomach and intestinal mucosal lining
  • Normal wound healing
  • Gut wall integrity

The mucosal lining of the stomach and intestines supports a healthy immune response to many invaders. These may include invasive microbes, toxins normally present in food and drinks, and the erosive effects of bile and stomach acid. When the mucosal lining is not supported, damage to the stomach lining may occur. Zinc Carnosine helps support a strong and healthy stomach and intestinal wall. This strength supports the body's natural ability to keep microbial invaders and toxins from entering your bloodstream.

Zinc Carnosine may help support the following conditions:

  • A normal intestinal barrier
  • A healthy stomach lining
  • Healthy age-related muscle mass
  • A healthy response to foods and microbes in the intestines
  • Normal Gastrointestinal tissue wound healing
  • Zinc deficiency

This unique combination of zinc and L-carnosine supports a healthy immune system and normal digestion.

Zinc Carnosine can support your gastrointestinal tract today with comfort and ease.

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