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QuerciSorb SR 350mg - 90 Capsules | Tesseract


Changes in the environment going on all around us suggest that maintaining the body's normal immune function is more critical than ever. QuerciSorb® features the active bioflavonoid quercetin, known for its role in down-regulating exaggerated immune responses, as well as supporting cardiovascular health.

Quercetin is generally poorly absorbed in the gut, resulting in low bioavailability. Research shows that only 25 percent of ingested quercetin is absorbed. However, QuerciSorb® features Tesseract’s proprietary nutrient delivery system, which is engineered to ensure quercetin’s maximum absorption and rapid delivery throughout the intestinal tract. With QuerciSorb®, you optimize quercetin's immuno-supportive and cardioprotective benefits.

QuerciSorb® supports healthy blood pressure via optimal vasodilation, inhibits LDL cholesterol oxidation,  moderates the exaggerated immune response often associated with seasonal environmental changes, enhances antioxidant support, and provides cytoprotection for the gastrointestinal epithelium, all of which support optimal cardiovascular function and immune health.

In a recent study in Viruses, researchers measured quercetin's immune function activity and concluded that it significantly improved the biomarkers associated with the body’s immune response. Our bodies can’t make quercetin. But Tesseract’s QuerciSorb® makes it easy for the body to absorb and utilize quercetin effectively. 

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