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ProFiber Select Orange - 462g | Moss Nutrition

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Fibre has a multifaceted role in optimum digestive health including but not limited to regularity. It is important to the health of the probiotic or beneficial bacteria in the GI tract which in turn impacts proper acid levels. Out of balance acid levels can result in acid reflux. Fibre also benefits the health of the mucosal linings of the gut, a degradation of which can cause distressing symptoms like diverticulitis. Diets full of fibre help keep people feeling full longer and this helps control weight gain and conditions like obesity.

This powder is formulated to provide exceptional sources of fibre as well as the probiotics and prebiotics for overall healthy intestinal function as well as bowel regularity. It is a better choice for patients sensitive or intolerant to wheat and psyllium fibre (difficult to digest as probiotics in the gut are unable to process it). Our researched formula offers a fibre blend from plant and botanical sources including barley, apple, citrus fruit, oat, fenugreek to better deliver cholesterol-lowering and blood sugar-stabilizing nutrients for better circulation and enhanced heart health. Studies on fenugreek, for example, report its positive effect on lowering blood sugar levels in patients with type 2 diabetes. It is traditionally used by Mediterranean cultures for digestive problems. Guar gum is documented in studies for its cholesterol stabilizing properties which may be due to its effect on carbohydrate absorption in that it inhibits starch degradation and reduces glucose absorption. Guar gum helps people stay fuller longer and may reduce the glycemic response to subsequent meals.

Citrus pectin is water-soluble and better assimilated by the gut microflora and delivered into mucosal cells. Studies suggest it is especially beneficial to the colonic mucosa. Barley and oat fibre produce a low glycemic and insulin response. Lactobacillus acidophilus was specifically chosen for this formulation for its beneficial effect in so many conditions and disorders and specifically digestive related conditions such as GI bacterial overgrowth (dysbiosis) and lactose intolerance.

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