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ProBiota Immune - 60 Capsules



ProBiota Immune is a blend of two well-researched prebiotic fibers, galactooligosaccharides (GOS) and beta-glucan. Both support the growth of beneficial gut flora and healthy immune system function.

The digestive system intestinal tract is home to hundreds of different kinds of bacteria. In order for these bacteria to colonize and grow, they need foods with dietary fibers to nourish them, known as prebiotics.

Prebiotics like inulin from chicory root, GOS, and beta-glucan have many health benefits. In the case of ProBiota Immune, prebiotics GOS and beta-glucan feed healthy bacteria. They not only help nourish probiotic organisms but they also contribute to soluble fiber intake.

Soluble fibers may help support the health of:

  • Bowel movements (especially those wanting to support normal bowel transit rates)
  • Intestinal health and digestive tract function support
  • Normal immune function
  • Blood sugar levels
  • Diversity of microbiota
  • Cholesterol levels
  • Weight management

The overall health benefits of prebiotics when taken in conjunction with probiotics is vast. The high-quality galactooligosaccharides and beta-glucan found in this product help to support healthy immune cell function, immune cell response, and population of good bacteria. See for yourself by trying ProBiota Immune.

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