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Pro-Som - 60 Capsules

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Stay asleep with Pro-Som. Improve sleep quality and reduce frequent waking through the night.*

Pro-Som includes clinically studied doses of L-theanine (Suntheanine® brand) to promote relaxation that supports a restful night sleep. In addition, this formula also includes magnesium, magnolia bark and Theracurmin. Pro-Som is a melatonin-free formula that can be taken during stressful times or on a daily basis for better sleep.

Get Quality Sleep, Feel Relaxed for the Day Ahead.

Sleeping through the night is the key for a successful tomorrow. Various factors including stress paired with non-routine sleep patterns can disrupt the normal sleep-wake cycle. Frequent waking through the night and tiredness through the next day is disruptive to that normal cycle. Supporting relaxation and promoting alpha brain wave activity with Pro-Som can help improve quality of sleep.*

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