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Organic Select Pea (Vanilla) - 571g | Moss Nutrition

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Organic Select Pea™ Vanilla is a natural plant-based protein powder designed to help improve protein nutrition and to support lean body composition. Derived from certified organic yellow peas, it offers a superior source of protein for people of all ages, and is ideal for individuals who must avoid whey and dairy proteins due to lactose or casein intolerance, as well as for strict vegetarians. Organic Select Pea contains no additives or carriers, is free of pesticide residues and allergens including gluten and soy, and is processed without solvents.

Organic Select Pea Vanilla is made with monk fruit extract, a purely sweet, zero glycemic, calorie free sweetener. This delicious product mixes easily with water or plant milk, offers high bioavailability and provides excellent digestibility.

Yellow pea protein contains an amino acid profile comparable to that of whey protein, with very high levels of branched chain amino acids to support healthy muscle synthesis and repair. Organic Select Pea is also notably high in the amino acids lysine, glutamine and arginine. Arginine, a conditionally essential amino acid which may become rapidly depleted during stress and other catabolic states, promotes growth hormone release and has been shown to enhance recovery after exercise. It is a component of energy-boosting creatine and participates in the synthesis of nitric oxide, a molecule that helps promote vessel relaxation, healthy blood flow and the efficient delivery of oxygen to cells.

Recent research suggests that yellow pea protein offers numerous benefits. Animal studies suggest it may help support healthy lipid levels within the normal range. Yellow pea protein has been shown in animal and human studies to have a positive impact on total and LDL cholesterol by downregulating genes involved in fatty acid synthesis and upregulating genes responsible for uptake of cholesterol in the liver. Pea protein also has a naturally low glycemic index and has been found to promote feelings of satiety and fullness, making it useful in helping to control appetite and support healthy blood sugar levels.

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