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Optimal CoQ10 100mg - 60 Capsules | Seeking Health


Optimal CoQ10 provides 100 mg of HydroQSorb® CoQ10. This form of CoQ10 provides enhanced bioavailability.

Optimal CoQ10 provides a well-absorbed form of CoQ10. Many forms that claim “enhanced bioavailability” may not provide uniform bioavailability. This means some people may absorb the compound well, while others do not. HydroQSorb® targets this problem specifically. Clinical studies have found it to be better absorbed than crystalline and solubilized CoQ10 in softgels.

While normal CoQ10 supplements are lipid soluble, HydroQSorb utilizes dextrin spheres to surround the Coenzyme Q10 allowing it to have both water-soluable and lipid-soluble properties and thus increasing its ability to be both absorbed and ultilized by the human body.

CoQ10 has powerful antioxidant properties in the human body. Its activity supports the body's healthy response to everyday oxidative stress. It also enhances the activity of glutathione, which acts as your body’s master antioxidant.

CoQ10 also plays critical roles in mitochondrial function. It is the only nutrient directly embedded in the cell’s electron transport chain, which is the final step in cellular energy production. This process generates over 90 percent of your body’s energy.

CoQ10 is well known to support cardiovascular health. Your heart muscle cells contain high concentrations of mitochondria, which require CoQ10 as a coenzyme for energy production. CoQ10 may also support normal heart rhythms, blood vessel function, and healthy blood pressure.

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