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Histamine Nutrients (formely Histamine Block Plus) - 60 Capsules | Seeking Health


Histamine Block Plus is a comprehensive formula containing the histamine-metabolizing enzyme DAO. It includes additional histamine-processing nutrients to support total body histamine breakdown.

Some people don’t produce enough diamine oxidase or DAO. This enzyme plays essential roles in metabolizing dietary histamine from food. In addition, some people have genetic variations affecting other enzymes, such as HNMT and MAOA. These enzymes break down histamine throughout the entire body. Others may be experiencing side effects from the build-up of toxic byproducts created when histamine is metabolized.

Specific nutrients are needed to maintain normal histamine breakdown in your body. Deficiency can lead to a wide array of problems stemming from incomplete histamine metabolism.

DAO is the most well-known enzyme for breaking down histamine. However, other enzymes also play critical roles in histamine metabolism. These enzymes require specific nutrient cofactors that are contained in Histamine Block Plus. These targeted nutrients support histamine processing throughout your entire body.

The metabolism of histamine creates toxic byproducts. These include ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, and acetaldehyde. In excess, these chemicals can cause harmful side effects and damage to your cells.

The synergistic blend of nutrients found in Histamine Block Plus supports healthy histamine metabolism. It also supports the body’s normal breakdown of toxic byproducts through multiple enzymatic processes.

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