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Folinic Acid - 60 Capsules | Seeking Health


Folinic Acid by Seeking Health contains a potent dose of methyl-free folate. Each capsule provides 1,360 mcg DFE (800 mcg) of folate as folinic acid, calcium salt.

Folate is essential for healthy methylation, proper growth, development, and cognitive function. However, some people are sensitive to the active form of folate, methylfolate. They experience side effects such as headaches, nervousness, or rapid heartbeat after taking methylated nutrients. For these individuals, folinic acid is an excellent, bioavailable, methyl-free alternative.

Folinic acid is readily converted into methylfolate, the primary form of folate in the human body. In this way, folinic acid supports optimal methylation, homocysteine levels, and energy.

Folinic acid takes a few additional enzyme steps before methyl groups are formed and then released for your body to utilize. This slower delivery can provide relief and comfort in those sensitive to methylated nutrients.

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