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Ferrochel Select - 120 Capsules | Moss Nutrition

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Iron supplements have been used to help correct deficiencies of this critical mineral for more than a century linking to the historic knowledge of its importance in human health. Locked within the heme molecule as the centrepiece of every red blood cell, iron plays multiple roles throughout the body. Even with this knowledge, iron deficiency is the prime micronutrient deficiency worldwide. Those who may be at higher risk of deficiency are vegans and vegetarians; those who suffer blood loss from ulcers, traumatic injury or heavy monthly menses; and patients suffering from diminished GI function or digestive disorders such as colitis, leaky gut, Crohn's disease and gluten intolerance. The dysbiosis of certain digestive disorders can cause aggressive colonization by iron loving bacteria-further decreasing innate levels and exacerbating an iron deficiency.

Ferrochel® Select addresses and corrects the poor absorption of most inorganic iron supplements by using Ferrous Bisglycinate Chelate, an extremely well-tolerated and well-absorbed form manufactured by the highly respected Albion Human Nutrition Laboratories.

Iron amino acid chelates have been shown to increase intestinal iron absorption compared to inorganic iron salts. Researchers theorize that it may be due to the fact that these chelates are electrically neutral as opposed to the more widely used inorganic iron salts that carry a magnetic charge. Because this form of iron is well absorbed, a smaller dosage delivers the necessary amount to stabilize levels.

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