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Electrolyte Select - 224g | Moss Nutrition

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High potassium electrolyte powder to support optimal hydration, muscle physiology, and alkaline pH. Sugar-free raspberry flavour.

Maintaining adequate hydration depends on maintaining optimal electrolyte levels. Electrolyte Select™ is a high potassium electrolyte powder that mixes easily with water to support healthy hydration, muscle physiology, and alkalinity.

Dehydration and accompanying electrolyte imbalances are common, and may lead to problems such as metabolic acidosis, muscle cramping, impaired cognitive performance, and unwanted mood changes. Athletes, people who exercise or work outdoors in hot weather, seniors, and individuals following high protein and ketogenic diets may need to pay extra attention to maintaining healthy fluid and electrolyte levels.

Electrolyte Select™ provides four primary electrolytes needed by the body to function: sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium, in natural and well-absorbed forms. A full gram of potassium per serving is included to promote alkalinity and help counter the effects of chronic low-grade metabolic acidosis. The sodium is provided in the form of Himalayan pink salt, which also provides chloride and trace minerals. The calcium and magnesium in the formula are chelated to glycine and malate, offering maximum absorption and efficacy.

Unlike many electrolyte-containing drinks, Electrolyte Select™ does not contain any sugar to raise blood glucose levels or add empty calories to the diet. Instead, sugar-free Electrolyte Select™ is sweetened with pure, low glycemic, calorie-free monk fruit extract, making it ideal for people with blood sugar issues, and for anyone seeking to support healthy hydration, alkaline pH, and enhanced fluid and electrolyte balance.

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