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Digest Select (Plant-Based Enzymes) - 90 Capsules | Moss Nutrition

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Digest Select® is a comprehensive, broad-acting digestive enzyme complex intended to help support and promote the proper breakdown of food. The formula contains amylase enzymes that help digest simple and complex carbohydrates, protease enzymes that help digest proteins and peptides, and lipase enzymes that help digest fats. Lactase and alpha-galactosidase enzymes are added to help support the healthy digestion of milk sugar (lactose) from dairy foods, and complicated starches such as those found in beans, grains, and cruciferous vegetables.

Digest Select® is formulated with stable acid-resistant enzymes, helping it to be active throughout the entire pH range of the digestive system. Together with the body's own digestive enzymes, the enzyme blend in Digest Select™ can help to initiate healthy digestion in the upper GI tract and support overall digestive function, strength and comfort.

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