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Complete Collagen Unflavored - 450g | NoordCode


NoordCode Complete Collagen slightly sweet-sour flavour from the acerola and glycine contains 5 types of collagen from 3 sources of collagen hydrolysate. Collagen from grass-fed bovine, fish and eggshell. With vitamin C to support collagen production. With extra glycine for 7 g per serving.

Type I collagen is the most abundant collagen in the body, found mainly in skin, hair, nails, bones and ligaments.
Type II collagen is mainly found in cartilage between joints.
Type III collagen is common along with type I in skin and blood vessels.
Type V collagen is found in the skin and placenta and co-occurs with type I.
Type X collagen is part of the bone and cartilage structure.

Collagen from the skin of grass-fed cattle
The basis of NoordCode Complete Collagen is grass-fed bovine collagen hydrolysate. This collagen hydrolysate is also available separately as NoordCode Pure Collagen. The collagen is derived from the skin, bones, tendons and joints of grass-fed, European cattle.

Naticol® Collagen and type II collagen from fish
Fish has a different amino acid profile to bovine collagen, making it a good addition to your collagen intake. Naticol® is a pure collagen hydrolysate made from fish skins left over after filleting. The fish skins come from sustainable, wild-caught fish and farmed fish, in order to use as many different sources as possible. Naticol thus takes a 'waste product' and turns it into a high-quality collagen hydrolysate. It is readily soluble in liquids.

Ovomet® collagen from eggshell membranes
The eggshell membrane is the thin membrane directly under the eggshell. This membrane contains not only collagen, but also elastin, hyaluronic acid, glucosamine and chondroitin. These substances are also common in our skin. Eggshell membrane is therefore a nice way to get these substances.
Ovomet® hydrolysed eggshell membrane is readily bioavailable, just like the bovine and fish collagen in NoordCode Complete Collagen.

Enzymatically produced collagen hydrolysate
NoordCode uses enzymatically produced collagen hydrolysate. This requires no heating or chemicals that could damage the protein.

125 g Vitamin C from Acerola berries
The body uses vitamin C in the production of collagen. NoordCode Complete Collagen therefore contains 125 mg of vitamin C from acerola berries per serving (15 g). Acerola berries are a natural source of vitamin C.
Vitamin C supports normal collagen formation for the normal function of skin, blood vessels, bones & cartilage, teeth & gums.

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