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Educational events

Stay up to date with education and training

We work closely with our partners and suppliers to offer the most up to date training and research.

The following events are available to practitioners only, unless stated otherwise. If you'd like to register for any of the following events, please email us at and include the title of the webinar in the subject line. 


Dietary options for IBS, IBD, SIBO and other chronic disease states | 21st March

Listen To Your Gut / Imix Nutrition 

In this online webinar, Jini Patel Thompson will cover various low-residue, semi-elemental, and elemental diet options for clients in extreme disease states; where digestion and absorption are impaired.

Hosted by: Jini Patel Thompson

Date: 21st of March at 7:00 pm GMT

Online event, will be recorded


Sudden Cardiac Death: Could suboptimal potassium metabolism be a contributing factor?

Moss Nutrition

Are you interested in learning more about the link between potassium metabolism and sudden cardiac death? In this virtual live event, you will learn to discover how potassium metabolism impacts heart function and how certain lifestyle choices can adversely impact potassium metabolism in individuals at risk.

Hosted by: Dr Jeffrey Moss

Date: 4th of April 2023, 7:30 PM CET

Online course

Mycotherapy course 

Integrative Mycomedicine Association 

IMMA is the leading international association of experts in the field of integrative Mycomedicine - or Mycotherapy.

IMMA offers scientifically rigorous educational resources about the main medicinal mushrooms and the conditions in which there is evidence of their effectiveness, as well as relevant information on integrative medicine. This course dives into the research, paying particular attention to the most important and well-studied species as fascinating factories of bioactive substances with beneficial impact on human health. 

After completing the course, the health professionals will be prepared for the application of Mycotherapy in the prevention and treatment of more than 50 pathologies and symptoms from an integrative health approach.

Hosted by: European advisors education experts in Mycotherapy

Visit IMM's website for more information. Click here.  

Date: Open call 

Online course


Previous Events

Event recordings are available to practitioners at request, please email with the titles you'd like to view.


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Female Focus: Prenatal Metabolic and Digestive Health

Enzyme Science

Enhancing absorption and improving effectiveness of dietary interventions

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Practical Mycotherapy – Introduction to Medicinal Mushrooms
The Healing Power of Mycotherapy – Focus on Cancer Care


Analysing the benefits of Lactoferrin


The London Clinic of Nutrition - Herbal Range


Herbal Antimicrobials - Essential Tools for a Holistic Approach to Tick-Borne Diseases and its Co-Infections
Introducing Cryptolepis+ the new addition to the Herbal Range

New Roots Herbal

Boosting the immune system in the fight against viruses and other pathogens
Mycotherapy: Medicinal Mushrooms in Thyroid Conditions

Nutri Advanced

How to Resolve Inflammation Using Specialised Pro-resolving Mediators (SPMs)


How Clostridium overgrowth affects our neurotransmission
Global approach to Candida overgrowth