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As a result of our efforts, we have obtained the Planet Mark and Pending B-Corp certification. 

We recognize opportunities to improve our environmental impact and social standing in every aspect of our business. Both our Planet Mark and Pending B-Corp certification has provided us with the opportunity to measure, review, and improve our impact.

Our goal over the next year will be to reduce our carbon emissions and share our journey with our community to inspire them. We are committed to being more strategic about our environmental responsibility, and we hope that our efforts will significantly impact our community and encourage a culture of continuous improvement within it.

As part of Planet Mark, Amrita Nutrition has protected an area of endangered rainforest with the help of Cool Earth, a charity that works with rainforest communities to prevent deforestation. Moreover, our company supported the Eden Project, an organisation that explores how we can work together towards a better future by building connections.


Green Office

We are pleased to have a completely solar-powered office. The newly opened Dutch office of 2022 is equipped with thirty solar panels. We make our office a greener workplace by sorting trash, minimising paper use, reducing water consumption, and encouraging our staff to use public transportation.


Zero waste policy

Our policy is simple – we don't believe in waste.

Therefore, all of our products have an additional discount when they are approaching the best before date. This means our practitioners can save money and help us reduce our environmental impact.

Environmentally conscious partners 

Keeping the environment and social responsibility in mind is extremely important, and we expect the same from our partners. We are therefore pleased to partner with Aramex for our fulfilment. Apart from operationally-based sustainability initiatives, such as recycling, Aramex also offers a sustainability platform called "Delivering Good", which includes 18 educational, social, and environmental projects worldwide. Moreover, Aramex partners with several international companies to foster a sustainable economy.


Future targets

Our goal is to reduce our carbon footprint by 5% each year.


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