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About Us

 “It’s time to redefine health and leave established, outdated clinical interpretation of wellbeing in the past.

Instead, what if health was about balance? About feeling good in your own skin. About feeling free to focus on what you do best.

What if, instead of fixing problems, health was about preventing them?

What if health was about you, and what we can do for you to get work-life balance you have always strived to achieve. 


Prevention is key to a healthier life, but sometimes that is not an option anymore. Amrita is here to help target the best way forward to your health, no matter where you are in your health journey.

Supporting your practice with the technology to effectively harness the power of nature. Intuitive, smart, health tech at your fingertips designed to make your life easier. 

We’re Amrita. Well-being in practice.”


“It is the mission of Amrita Nutrition to be the best partner for practitioners worldwide”


“We see a future where people live healthier for longer, utilizing natural healing principles”

Who we are

We are pleased to introduce you to Amrita Nutrition, a company specialising in health and high quality, practitioner backed, nutritional supplements.

Amrita Nutrition was founded in 2007 in the UK, by David Brassey. Due to the demand for our products and the growth of our business, we have opened our new global office and warehouse in the Netherlands. In order to provide better service to our global practitioners and their clients, we now dispatch all orders outside the UK from our Netherlands warehouse.

Since 2007, Amrita Nutrition has been helping over 6,000 practitioners worldwide. We can provide all our practitioners and clients with personalised, friendly and clinically proven advice and guide them on the path to optimal health. We offer the most comprehensive selection of nutritional supplements made by companies with the highest reputation in the industry.

With excellent products, expert advice, or just a friendly chat, we aim to make your life as a practitioner easier. It is not only our mission to prevent chronic diseases, but also to support and assist those who are ill or suffering from them. Our goal is to be a true partner to our practitioners. We bring state-of-the art healing to the world so the people in it can reach a state of well-being and live a truly healthy life. 

Register as a practitioner on Amrita Nutrition here to view our extensive range of products, exclusive webinars, and commission structures. Only verified practitioners and healthcare professionals can purchase the products on our platform, as well as their clients whom they have referred. 


Industry-leading products

As part of our commitment to quality, every product and brand we carry has been thoroughly vetted by our founder, David Brassey, and our Chief Development Officer, Aletta Sørensen, both of whom are well-respected nutritionists and experts in the field with many years of experience.

We value the partnerships we have with our suppliers and we are happy that we can provide their amazing products. Through our suppliers, we are able to provide our customers with trusted and exclusive nutraceuticals.The variety of nutraceuticals we offer is something we believe cannot be found elsewhere. Formulated to meet all needs, from chelated, methylated, Albion or TRAACs to making sure they're complemented by the right cofactors. Moreover, all of our products are free of toxic substances and additives. See the ethical approach page for more information about the quality of our products.

 Ethical approach


Education, training, webinars and newsletters

With our platform, we aim to provide you with the tools and resources you need to do what you do best: improve the lives of others. Besides high quality products, this includes educational materials, training, webinars, mentoring and newsletters.


We have a team of experts ready to assist you.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you are in need of our experts' assistance with building client protocols, insights on diseases, product guidance, or even just a friendly chat. The advice provided by our practitioners is free of charge for all our registered clients and practitioners. Send us an email at or call us at +44 114 700 5676.


Ordering is easy and shipping is fast

Ordering from Amrita Nutrition is easy and fast. It is your choice whether to order products for your clients yourself, or to send them a list of products together with an activation code so your clients can order the products themselves. Please feel free to reach out to us if you need help placing your order. 

With our global leading fulfilment partner, we are able to accelerate delivery times, increase our global presence as well as improve sustainability efforts. 

Shipping information


We care about our planet 

As a Planet Mark certified and a pending B corp holding company, we recognize the opportunity to improve our environmental impact and social standing across every aspect of our business, making zero waste a priority. Therefore, all of our products have an additional discount when they are soon to expire. This means our practitioners can save money and help us reduce our environmental impact. P You can find more information about our sustainability efforts below. 



Register as a practitioner on Amrita Nutrition here to view our extensive range of products, exclusive webinars, and commission structures. 


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Ethical approach

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