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About Us

Amrita Nutrition, founded in 2007 in the UK, is a company specialising in the highest quality nutritional supplements, education, and evidenced-based advice for practitioners and their clients worldwide. With premium products, expert advice, or just a friendly chat, we aim to make the life of our practitioners easier. 

It is our mission to be the most trusted natural health partner for practitioners worldwide. With an exceptional team of individuals who are dedicated, skilled and passionate, we strive towards a future where people live healthier, more active lives, utilising the power of natural healing.

Register as a practitioner on Amrita Nutrition to view our extensive range of products, exclusive webinars, and commission structures. Only verified practitioners and healthcare professionals can purchase the products on our platform, as well as their clients whom they have referred.

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Benefits for our practitioners

1. Access to premium products

Through our suppliers, we are able to provide our practitioners and their clients with trusted and exclusive nutraceuticals. The variety of nutraceuticals we offer is something we believe cannot be found elsewhere. Formulated to meet all needs, from chelated, methylated, Albion or TRAACs to making sure they're complemented by the right cofactors. Moreover, all of our products are free of toxic substances and additives. See the ethical approach page for more information about the quality of our products.cts.

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2.Access to specialised Education and training

With our platform, we aim to provide our practitioners with the tools and resources they need to do what you do best: improve the lives of others. Besides offering high quality products, this includes offering you educational materials, training, webinars, mentoring and more. Via newsletters we keep you up to date with the latest nutraceutical developments and innovations.

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3. Exclusive Practitioner support

We offer free exclusive practitioner support to all our registered practitioners, which includes expert consultation, personalised protocols, extensive product insights, and ongoing training opportunities.

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4. Easy Ordering & Fast, Worldwide Shipping

Ordering from Amrita Nutrition is easy and fast. It is your choice whether to order products for your clients yourself, or to send them a list of products together with an activation code so your clients can order the products themselves.

With our global leading fulfilment partner Aramex, we are able to accelerate delivery times to all countries worldwide, as well as improve sustainability efforts.

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5. We care about our planet

As a Planet Mark certified and a B Corp holding company, we recognize the opportunity to improve our environmental impact and social standing across every aspect of our business, making zero waste a priority. Therefore, all of our products have an additional discount when they are soon to expire. This means our practitioners can save money and help us reduce our environmental impact. You can find more information about our sustainability efforts below..

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