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The Nutrition Collective's Ultimate Longevity Conference

21st September | The Ultimate Longevity Conference⁠

We hope to meet you there!

Join us and the Nutrition Collective and NTOI for a groundbreaking conference where they will delve deep into the science and strategies behind extending health span and lifespan through the power of nutrition and functional medicine.

Expert speakers including Dr Kristi Mortan-Hughes, Dr Robert Rountree, Dr Olivia Lesslar and Dr Wafaa Abdel-Hadi, will explore six key pillars, each offering actionable plans to optimise longevity. These pillars reflect the multidimensional nature of longevity and the complex interplay of factors.⁠

Uncover a holistic approach to longevity by optimising cell energy, balancing psycho-endocrinology, reducing inflammaging, harnessing phytonutrients, supporting immune modulation, and facilitating detoxification pathways. These strategies aim to promote resilience against age-related pathologies while optimising immune function and bolstering the body's natural detoxification mechanisms. ⁠

Amrita Nutrition practitioners get 15% off their ticket with the code: AMRITA15

Join online or in-person (Dublin) Register here