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NMI Summit 2024

11th - 12th October | An Energetic View: Mitochondrial Nutrition for Fatigue, the Brain, and Healthy Ageing⁠

Mitochondrial dysfunction contributes to a wide range of chronic diseases and is particularly relevant to fatigue syndromes such as long covid, brain bioenergetics and mental health, and optimisation of healthy ageing. Restoring mitochondrial bio-energetic functions has been shown to be important for improving specific health outcomes.

It is well established that for optimal function mitochondria require a range of co-factors, including many micronutrients. Specific nutrients also influence mitochondrial biogenesis, structure and mitophagy (the selective degradation of mitochondria by autophagy). Furthermore, food-based approaches such as intermittent fasting, ketogenic diets, and phytonutrients influence health in part through changes in mitochondrial metabolism. 
This year's NMI Summit is a deep dive into an energetic view of health, empowering you with new insights and innovative clinical applications. Beyond lectures, connection and collaboration is at the core of the NMI Summit. Ample break time allows space for networking and interaction with other delegates and speakers.

Event CPD: 9.5 hours (Approved by BANT, NTOI, CPDUK, NNA)

Early bird tickets are £395 until August 2nd Register here