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RESCHEDULED 1st of June | Masterclass with Dr Leo Pruimboom

Inflammation as the cause of all disease and how to resolve it: Can we use natural anti-inflammatories or are they as harmful as NSAIDs?

1st of June, 2024 at 9:00 am - 6:00 pm GMT | The China Exchange, London
Originally on the 23rd of March, this event was rescheduled by the provider.

Chronic diseases can be caused by multiple risk factors and so, no universal risk factor has ever been found. Nevertheless, different chronic diseases have one universal denominator, which can be defined as a non-successful immune response.

This master class will demonstrate that it is not the immune system which is responsible for the prolonged activity of itself. It is not even the brain that we can blame. Instead, we should focus on the way disease is interpreted by the brain when applied interventions disturb the communication through neuro-endocrino-bone-muscle axes.

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