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Enzyme Science | Enzymes for Inflammation and Detoxification

27th June | Resolving inflammation often requires resolution of inflammatory markers, as well as the damaging by products generated by the oxidative stress. Utilised well, enzymes dramatically improve recovery rates, pain scores and systemic symptoms in a dose dependent manner.

In this lecture, Leyla El Moudden, Director of Education for Enzyme
Science UK will outline how to apply enzymes in common inflammatory scenarios. All attendees will receive a copy of enzyme led clinical trees, to help select, dose and apply enzymes when working with inflammation.

About the speaker
Leyla El Moudden, BA, Dip Herb, Dip Nat CNM, a practicing Naturopath and Metabolic Balance Coach, is Head of Education for Enzyme Science UK and Europe.

Join live on 27th June at 6:30 pm CET | Register Here