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CPNI Interventions | ANH International

17th of November | Stress is only stress when it irritates long enough to produce a molecular pattern that activates the immune system. It becomes logical that toxic emotions or toxic thoughts can make you ill.

The conventional view of health and disease has forgotten that a disease is the consequence of a universal phenomenon called 'Life'. So to unravel the film of every malady, it is necessary to identify the stressors and pathways by which ‘irritation’ causes inflammation.

From here, we can learn how to change 'Life', along with our responses and behaviours, to reduce or eliminate inflammation and become robust, as nature intended.

Join Dr. Leo Pruimboom and Robert Verkerk in-person (The China Exchange, London) or online for this event.

November 17th | 10:30 - 6:30 pm CET | Register Now

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