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Herbal Anti-Microbials | Dr. Carsten Nicolaus

Essential Tools for a Holistic Approach to Tick Borne Diseases and its Co-Infections

Lyme disease and its various co-infections are an increasing health concern all around the world. High numbers of new infections each year increases the burden on both patients and the health care system to provide appropriate treatment and diagnostic tools. Despite the growing numbers of infections, many including the general public and healthcare professionals are not always aware of Lyme disease and its many different faces.

In this webinar, Dr. Carsten Nicolaus explains the importance of herbal anti-microbials and nutritional supplements as two important pillars of how to approach Lyme disease. He will also focus on other recommended changes such as diet and lifestyle adjustments and social support. 

Recorded live on the 19th of May 2022: Watch Now