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Global approach to Candida overgrowth | Pol De Saedeleer

In normal circumstances, we see a proper equilibrium between host defence mechanisms and fungal biological properties. Specific circumstances in which Candida transitions to an opportunistic invasive organism are defined as overgrowth. Overwhelming evidence suggests that the gastrointestinal tract is the main source of Candida infection. In an attempt to destroy the invading pathogen, IL-17 is triggered (TH17).

Next to this, Candida is producing different toxic metabolites what contributes to the severe symptoms we see in chronicity. The mechanisms behind toxicity are detailed. Successful treatments include immune support, Gastro-Intestinal support, Anti-Candida agents and Biofilm Disrupters.

In this webinar, Pol De Saedeleer will discuss how IL-17 downregulates T-reg cells and possibly contributes to autoimmunity.

Recorded live on the 21st of February, 2023: Watch Now