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Integral Medicine™: A Paradigm Shift in Clinical Practice

4th of October | Integral Medicine™: A Paradigm Shift in Clinical Practice

Join us for a transformative interactive workshop led by renowned nutrition expert Patrick Holford on Integral Medicine™. Explore its revolutionary approach to wellness, understanding healthy cell function's profound impact on overall well-being.

Uncover the 5 core biological processes driving cellular vitality, and learn to integrate Integral MedicineTM principles into clinical practice. Empower your clients on their path to optimal health by delving into the missing link between cellular function and energy. Analyze real-life scenarios, develop personalized approaches, and discover the latest Integral MedicineTM research.
📅 Date: October 4th ⏰ Time: 6:30 PM (BST) / 7:30 PM (CET) 
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