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NU Mind Wellness: The Story Behind the Brand

In our talk with Sam, the passionate co-founder and CEO of Nu Mind Wellness, we delve into the heartfelt story behind a brand that’s much more than just supplements. It's a testament to overcoming personal challenges and a dedication to holistic mental wellness. Sam shares with us the journey, vision, and innovative approach that make Nu Mind Wellness stand out in the wellness industry.


The Start of Nu Mind Wellness

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind Nu Mind Wellness?

"Absolutely. We’re two brothers who for years suffered with chronic anxiety. For us natural solutions from exercise to focusing on our nutrition were incredible in helping us feel like ourselves again! This led us to supplementation which quickly became overwhelming. We spoke with several nutritionists and GPs and there was so much suggested to us to help our anxiety. Alongside leading experts, we combined the 23 best ingredients (such as KSM-66 Ashwagandha & Magnesium Glycincate to name a few) into one daily sachet, creating the UK’s first all-in-one Stress Support Formula."

Beyond Supplements: A Holistic Approach to Wellness

What exciting things are new or coming up for Nu Mind Wellness?

"As mentioned, supplements weren’t the only thing that helped our anxiety. We want to be more than a supplement brand providing education on the lifestyle that can help ease stress and anxiety. We currently have free guides on our site from leading PTs, nutritionists, and counsellors. But we want to do much more! We’ve just launched our first course with an anxiety specialist and plan to create even more to support people. We’re also collaborating alongside nutritionists to create new formulas such as our Menopause Support with Charlotte Hunter."

What Sets Nu Mind Apart

With so many wellness brands out there, what makes Nu Mind Wellness unique?

"Lots! Our formulas come in daily sachets making the habit of taking supplements daily as easy as possible. As an all-in-one, they also save up to £166 when avoiding buying all the ingredients separately. From our personal experience, we’re also big believers in a holistic approach. There’s much more people can do to help with anxiety and we provide them with the education necessary!"

The Crown Jewel: Stress Support Formula

What is your favourite product within your range and why?

"For us, it’d have to be the Stress Support Formula! It’s where Nu Mind started. It’s won awards and has helped 200,000 customers days be that much calmer in just 2 years. It’s also the exact formula we used ourselves to cure our anxiety"

Holistic, natural, and empathetic

Lastly, how would you describe Nu Mind Wellness in just three words?

"Holistic, natural, and empathetic. We’ve lived through the struggles we’re trying to solve. That’s what drives us every day – the chance to make a real difference in how people manage stress and anxiety."

These three words—holistic, natural, and empathetic—are the exact reasons why we onboarded the trusted brand. Nu Mind Wellness encapsulates a vision that transcends the ordinary. It’s a brand poised at the intersection of personal experience and professional expertise, offering more than just supplements. With a comprehensive lifestyle philosophy aimed at nurturing both mind and body, Nu Mind Wellness is dedicated to innovation and expanding its offerings. This dedication aligns perfectly with our mission to support practitioners and their clients on their journey to a healthier, happier life through the power of natural healing