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Introducing Acu Seeds: The Newest Wellness Brand Now Available at Amri

Acu Seeds: Ancient Healing, Modern Convenience

Acu Seeds harnesses the power of auriculotherapy, an ancient healing practice rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Specializing in ear seeds, Acu Seeds offers kits that include gold or silver-plated seeds attached to clear adhesive stickers. These kits are designed for easy, at-home use, lasting up to five days per application.

Founded by Giselle Boxer, who successfully managed her Chronic Fatigue Syndrome through TCM, Acu Seeds aims to share the profound benefits of auricular acupressure. Giselle’s holistic healing journey, which included diet, supplementation, and TCM practices, inspired her to create Acu Seeds and help others experience similar improvements in their health.

The ear seeds work by stimulating specific points on the ear, which correspond to different organs and body systems. This gentle, continuous pressure helps support various health concerns such as restful sleep, emotional well-being, relaxation, focus, energy levels, and digestive function. According to TCM, the ear is a microsystem of the whole body, and by applying pressure to these points, the body’s natural healing processes are activated, promoting balance and well-being.

Acu Seeds’ kits come with comprehensive instructions and ear maps to guide users in placing the seeds for maximum benefit. This approach allows individuals to experience the therapeutic effects of acupressure without the need for needles, making it accessible and convenient for everyone.

Experience the blend of ancient healing and modern convenience with Acu Seeds, and take control of your wellness journey naturally and effectively.