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Elemental Select™: Your Path to Digestive Wellness!

Elemental Select™, a revolutionary powder designed by clinicians specifically for individuals with digestive and gastrointestinal imbalances. Crafted with utmost care, Elemental Select™ is your go-to solution for a comprehensive, non-irritating, and restorative liquid nutrition experience.

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Endorsed by our Founder & CEO

Elemental Select™ is truly special to us, endorsed firsthand by our founder and CEO who played a crucial role in its formulation.

"I personally vouch for Elemental Select™, especially for conditions like Crohn's and colitis. I appreciate its allergen-free composition, making it suitable for various dietary needs. This product aligns seamlessly with the goals of practitioners seeking effective solutions for their patients." -

David Brassey


Why Elemental Select™?

✨ Tailored for Digestive Harmony
Elemental Select™ provides a well-tolerated form of liquid nutrition that is meticulously designed to meet physiological requirements and core energy needs. All components are broken down into their elemental forms, allowing your digestive organs to rest, inflammation to optimize, and gut flora to normalize.

✨ Innovative Ingredient – Reginator®
Elemental Select™ proudly features Reginator®, a vegan, hypoallergenic blend of free-form essential amino acids and the gut-friendly amino acid L-arginine. Research on Reginator® reveals its capacity to enhance and safeguard muscle mass, even in individuals who do not engage in regular exercise. The dosage present in two scoops of Elemental Select™ has demonstrated its effectiveness. Preserving muscle mass is of paramount importance for aging individuals, and particularly crucial for patients dealing with chronic intestinal inflammation and digestive challenges that hinder optimal nutrient absorption.

✨ Flexible Usage Options
Elemental Select™ offers flexibility in usage. Some may choose a "full elemental diet" for several days to weeks, while others may opt for a "partial elemental diet" once or twice per day. The product mixes easily with water or other preferred liquids and should be sipped slowly for optimal results.

✨ Superior Taste and Quality
What sets Elemental Select™ apart is its exceptional taste and quality. Enjoy the inherent sweetness and delicious natural vanilla flavor that promotes high patient compliance. Bid farewell to the difficulties associated with other elemental formulas and opt for a formula that offers a palatable experience.

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