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Behind the Brand: New Roots Herbal

"The name New Roots Herbal symbolizes a rejuvenation of the body and mind, a changing of lifestyles from old harmful habits to healthy new beginnings."

- Peter Wilkes, President New Roots Herbal, Canada


New Roots Herbal is committed to providing pure and high-quality nutrients and powerful botanical herbs that work synergistically to support the body. Their aim is to support and educate practitioners on the powerful synergistic properties of herbs and nutraceutical blends. Their team of Nutritional Therapists and online resources offer advice and guidance to provide the best programmes and service for clients.

New Roots Herbal has over 30 years of experience of researching, testing, and formulating over 335 innovative high-quality nutraceutical formulas based on the latest scientific advances. Their extensive team of naturopathic doctors, scientists, and herbalists are continually developing targeted, therapeutic formulas, and programmes that serve the needs of healthcare and nutritional practitioners and their patients.

The research team includes specialists in Medicine, Biology, Nutrition, Bioengineering, Analytical Chemistry, and Pharmacy, as well as healthcare professionals with a solid background in natural medicine. Their entire team is responsible for the research and the continued development of new formulas based on plants, extracts, vitamins, minerals and all the nutrients that contribute to maintaining optimal health.

All of New Roots Herbal's products are tested for potency and purity (including all contaminates, such as heavy metals and PCBs) through the production process to the final product. No preservatives, artificial flavours or colours are used, and all their capsules are made of 100% plant cellulose with no genetic modification (NON-GMO).

Learn more about this family run business straight from the founder: