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Welcome to Amrita Nutrition x The Nutrition collective

Empowering Practitioners, Enriching Lives

We are thrilled to invite you to embark on an exciting and transformative collaborative journey as we proudly introduce Amrita Nutrition x The Nutrition Collective, an innovative partnership between two renowned organisations. This groundbreaking alliance aims to revolutionise the field of nutrition and create a vibrant platform for practitioners seeking to expand their knowledge, deepen their expertise, and make a meaningful impact on the health and well-being of individuals and communities around the world.

About us:
Amrita Nutrition and The Nutrition Collective share a common mission to empower practitioners with knowledge and inspiration. Amrita Nutrition stands out by providing exclusive access to brands, products, and expert advice, while The Nutrition Collective is committed to helping over 3,000 nutritionists and healthcare professionals thrive through education and knowledge dissemination. Both organisations strive to foster healthier and happier lives.

Our Vision:
Our collaboration was formed with the motivation to educate and assist practitioners by providing expert information. The shared values that drive this collaboration are centred on genuinely helping people live healthier lives. Together, they believe that the alliance can offer the highest quality education, unmatched in the industry.

This is why our collaboration will benefit you as a practitioner! 
By joining Amrita Nutrition x The Nutrition collective events, practitioners gain exclusive access to expert information, ensuring they receive valuable insights to enhance their practice for their clients. The collaboration offers a host of exclusive resources, events, and opportunities tailored exclusively for alliance members. This alliance further empowers practitioners to provide personalised and evidence-based care by delivering content backed by studies and curated by world-renowned experts in the field. The upcoming webinars hosted by the Synergistic Nutrition Alliance will cover a diverse range of topics such as Gut Health, Cancer & Immunity.

Join our community! 
Amrita Nutrition x Nutrition Collective fosters a sense of community and collaboration among its members through live webinars and events. These interactive platforms serve as opportunities to connect.

To join our events, practitioners can sign up for upcoming webinars and events through the dedicated event page. Please note: you should have a practitioner account to participate. No account yet? simply sign up as a practitioner on Amrita Nutrition and provide the required documents for verification.

Unlock the Power of Collaboration. Empower Your Practice. Enrich Lives.

Amrita Nutrition | The Nutrition Collective

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